Gatorade’s Gator Gum

Gator Gum was a surprisingly long-lived gum that I absolutely loved. It has an intense strong flavor that almost made your mouth hurt, but it was the perfect cure for what their ads called "Dry Mouth."

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Hostess Leopards

At the turn of the millennium, Hostess introduced a nearly forgotten snack treat, the Leopard. A Twinkie with spots made from soft chocolate chips, the Leopard didn't last long, but it is well remembered by its fans.

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Retroist Mattel Aquarius Podcast

The Mattel Aquarius is merely a blip in the history of computers. But to some people, this was their first machine. On this episode of the Retroist Podcast I take a look at the Mattel Aquarius. A computer that wanted to be more than it turned out to be.

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Do you remember the Furskin Bears?

Furskin Bears were a follow-up toy from Cabbage Patch Kids designer, Xavier Roberts. Furskins never really caught on, but it was a great toy with a lot of potential with a low bar of entry for new collectors.

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Remember Jinks the Cat?

Like Cat vs. Mouse cartoon antics, but are tired of Tom & Jerry? Than why not check out the hilarious cartoons of Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks.

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Geoffrey Holder and 7 UP

Throughout the seventies and eighties, we were driven to the lemon lime sweetness by the even sweeter voice of one person, Geoffrey Holder. Holder was not only a great soda spokesperson, but a talented actor and artist.

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Hägar The Horrible for Skol Beer

Hägar the Horrible might not be well-know as an advertising character, but in the eighties he appeared a set of popular commercials and advertisements for Skol beer. A few years later he would appear in advertising for both IBM and Mug Root Beer.

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The Batman Green Machine

In 1977 Sears released an their exclusive Bat Machine. A three-wheeled beauty that might not have been as popular as the green machine, but might have been more compelling.

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