A Young Brad Pitt sells Pringles

Was Brad Pitt always meant to be a giant star? Let's take a look back to an early stage in his career, when a shirtless Pitt ate Pringles by the beach with his friends and was captivated by a bear.

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7-Up Feels So Good Comin’ Down

In 1986, &-Up launched a wide ranging ad campaign that married 7-Up with refreshing rain imagery. The "Feels So Good Comin’ Down" ad campaign didn't last as long other 7-Up campaigns, but it was so well done and ubiquitous that many people remember it.

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It’s Punky Brewster

The Saturday Morning Cartoon, "It's Punky Brewster," ran for a remarkable two seasons during the eighties. While similar in premise to many cartoons of the era, it managed to do better than others by keeping quality high and bringing much of the talented live-action cast onto the show.

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Dig Dug Strategy Guide

Want to master the arcade classic, Dig Dug? This strategy guide from 1983 will not only give you some tips and tricks for playing, but will show you the patterns you will need to follow to defeat level after level.

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Gatorade’s Gator Gum

Gator Gum was a surprisingly long-lived gum that I absolutely loved. It has an intense strong flavor that almost made your mouth hurt, but it was the perfect cure for what their ads called "Dry Mouth."

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Hostess Leopards

At the turn of the millennium, Hostess introduced a nearly forgotten snack treat, the Leopard. A Twinkie with spots made from soft chocolate chips, the Leopard didn't last long, but it is well remembered by its fans.

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Retroist Mattel Aquarius Podcast

The Mattel Aquarius is merely a blip in the history of computers. But to some people, this was their first machine. On this episode of the Retroist Podcast I take a look at the Mattel Aquarius. A computer that wanted to be more than it turned out to be.

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Do you remember the Furskin Bears?

Furskin Bears were a follow-up toy from Cabbage Patch Kids designer, Xavier Roberts. Furskins never really caught on, but it was a great toy with a lot of potential with a low bar of entry for new collectors.

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