1957 Woolworths Lunch Menu

This was emailed to me and was flagged as spam, glad I checked my folder before emptying it. This 1957 Woolworths Lunch Menu has been floating around the net for almost a year now it looks like, but I have not been able to pinpoint its origina. Everything seems to be a repost of a repost. To many people the Woolworth is some distant memory. A place they see in old TV or movies. I was fortunate to have grown up near a Woolworth and got to eat at one frequently.

My grandmother would take me there when she need to shop for seasonal items. So we usually went around the holidays. It wasn’t the nicest Woolworth, but the food was really tasty. I would get a grilled cheese with potato chips and a Coke. Then when we were done eating we would go shopping. Right before we would leave I would get a Chocolate Chip mint Ice Cream Cone. It was paradise.

Now I wasn’t around in 1957, but I see a couple of things on this menu that look pretty good. I would probably get the Chicken Salad and a king size Coke. For under a buck, that is a real bargain.

Source Found!

Edit: The source for the 1957 Woolworths Lunch Menu has been located. You can check out the menu front AND back at Curly Wurly. Thanks to Maria for the assist.

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  1. Retro Justin

    I’ve been to a Woolworth restaurant. It was shortly before the company went out of business. Decent food. No better or worse than the typical diner. This particular one was located in Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island.

  2. Atari Adventure Square

    When I’d go to the malls with my mother, we’d spend so much time there that a food break was inevitable.
    Pretty sure we tried out Woolworth eateries (in the very early 70s) or, if not, it was some other diner smack dab in-between departments.

    Always liked the idea of snacking on hot-dogs and fries right after arduously fitting shoes and coats on my wee frame for seemingly hours, showing admirable restraint at not sprinting into the toy section and going mad with playtime notions.
    That happened after dessert.

    Speaking of which, I’ll have the Super Jumbo Banana Split (is that served to me personally by Snorky? No? I’ll still have it) and King-Sized Coke.
    With a bendy straw.

  3. vinvectrex

    Woolworth’s had fresh squeezed OJ?! That’s pretty impressive.

  4. The Retroist

    This is not exactly like the real thing, but if any of you are ever in Asheville, NC they have a Woolworths that has been converted into an art space. It has a still functioning soda fountain/snack bar in it. Close to the experience


  5. What is the deal with Asheville? seems like every podcast i listen to, or twitter friend i have has some kind of Asheville connection. And now, the ghost of Woolworths too? I smell a roadtrip

  6. The Retroist

    It is a nice place to visit. Some wonderful architecture, scenery and food.

  7. The Mrs. and I have a vacation this summer with no plan yet for a destination. Maybe all the Asheville talk is a sign!

  8. Maria

    Neat!! This is from my blog, I believe! If it’s the same scan I did.. I suppose other copies probably exist and could have been posted elsewhere. Here‘s the original post (there’s slightly more info about my menu there).

    Also, I’ve never wanted to visit NC so much as I do now! Thank you for that link for the Woolworths Walk! I remember going to Woolworths and McCrory’s lunch counters when I was a kid, but I never appreciated it then. Now I would do anything to go back in time to stop there all the time! You can’t get a milk shake like that at McDonald’s! (or restroom tokens, for that matter..)

  9. The Retroist

    Thanks Maria! I changed the post to shoot a link back to your source. This menu got a lot of play on the web. I found a dozen sites at least who have reposted. Great pics.

  10. fontella

    Thanks for the linkage! I had no idea this was going around so much! I wish I could find more menus.. I’ve seen many advertising signs for the lunch counter (with GREAT pictures of sandwiches and sundaes), but they’re usually priced more than I’d pay.

  11. Rob

    I find it strange that there are no hamburgers or cheeseburgers there.

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