1960s Wolf Man Pencil Sharpener

When I was in school, the pencil box collecting thing has just started. Kids would come in with amazing boxes from Japan, along with interesting pencils, erasers and sharpeners from theme parks and novelty stores. It got so crazy that they needed to change the rules governing what could be on desks since kids filled every inch of real estate with the stuff. It was a great age to be alive! I had once pencil sharpener, once pencil and no pencil box. Mine was a treasure chest that was made of metal. It was horrible for sharpening pencils since it had no capacity to hold shavings. As soon as you opened up the chest, they just spilled out all over the floor. What’s even worse about it is that it lacked “pizazz”. I never knew what kind of pencil sharpener I wanted, until now, when I use a pencil about once every 5 years. I want this mint condition poppin’ green Wolf Man Figural Pencil sharpener. I just wonder how I could get back into a position where I could show it off again. Perhaps I can star in “Back to School 2: It’s Elementary!”?

wolf man

1960s Wolf Man Pencil Sharpener [@] Hake’s

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