1961 Yogi Bear Pajama Bag

I have only seen a pajama bag once in my life and when I did see it I was maybe 12 years old. Puzzled about it, I needed it explained to me by my friend several times and even after him telling me it is, “where I put my pajamas”, I still did not understand why. Did his drawers not have room? He had always had the pajama bag, so he did not know why he put them there. Later that day I would find out from my sister that it was made just for fun. A pleasant way for kids to store their sleep cloths.

If you had seen the clown face on the bag portion of this kid’s bag, you would have found nothing pleasant about it. Feeding it pajamas, which increased the clown faces girth and therefore its visibility seemed like a bad idea to me (since clowns are nightmare creatures). So, I did not want his pajama bag!

Now of course, if he had this Yogi Bear pajama bag, I would have understood immediately why he had it and I would have wanted one as well…

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  1. Paul

    This is frightening. If I went camping and this was my bedding, I would never sleep.

  2. vinvectrex

    I agree with Paul. This may be less frightening than an evil clown, but only slightly.

  3. sean

    i have one of these bags what is the value??

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