Late 1970s Fast Food Tower

I stumbled upon this little gem in an old magazine and I enjoy how honestly it portrays the fast food that I enjoy a little too often nowadays. Shot in the 1970s, if anything, this illustrates just how far food photography has come over the years.

Fast Food has always given me comfort and I do enjoy talking about it here on the site. Yesterday though, I was reminded by my sister reminded me of an important fact. For the first 8 years of my life, I didn’t have any fast food. Sure we ate fast food style burgers at home, but I was a stranger to places like McDonalds.

That might be why I have such strong feelings about the stuff. For years I would hear my friends raving about burgers and fries all the time. Or I would see commercials featuring happy kids drinking shakes and think, “I want that to be me.” Eventually we would start hitting up all the fast food places and my life and waistline would never be the same.

1970s Fast Food Challenge

How many food items can you identify in this photo? I see some tacos, lots of burgers, a hot dog, fries, onion rings a limp burrito (maybe) and either a giant egg roll or moderately sized chimichanga.

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