1984 RCA Product Demo Video Loop


When I was younger and we shopped at Sear of Kmart, it was often an multi-hour affair. So my Mom would let me wander the store while her and my sisters shopped for whatever it is we needed at the time. My first stop would be the toy department to make a mental checklist of all the toys I wanted. Then I would mosey down to the electronics section to try to play whatever video game system they had out to demo. If it was not on or was otherwise in use, I would try to find some sort of seat and watch all the TVs in the store.

The best days are when they were playing movies I hadn’t seen or when I could change they channel and get local TV reception, but sometimes they would be showing product demo loops. I would get bummed when I first saw them, but then I would settle in and start watching them. Usually by the end I was a walking/talking product catalog for the electronic company featured in the loop. So the ride home would be filled with a 30 minute description about the wonderful universe products that are now available from RCA.

Thinking back, I am surprised my family never kicked me out of the car back then.

Here is one of those magical loops from RCA that was pulled from one of their CEDs. Get ready to be sold on the magical array of products from RCA.

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  1. Atari Adventure Square

    Holy Electro-Retronics, Retroist man!
    This vid is an absolute gem in the dragon stash of lost video goods.

    I’ll be sitting down with popcorn and enjoying this educational trip down Laserdisc Lane.

    This medium showed the future of things to come, with LDs’ behind the scenes material, uncompromising commentaries, complete scripts and tons of pics to regale the movie fan.

  2. Patrick J. Doody

    I have a few CEDS lying around I picked up at thrift shop in Miami. Would love some more though!

  3. plcary

    I have a storage tub full of scifi and horror ceds too. If anyone figures out a cool way to display them, let me know!

  4. VicSage

    Plcary, they look pretty awesome hanging on the wall and at the very least they make good conversation pieces. 🙂

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