5 TV Shows that Need a DVD Release

I was browsing for some DVD to order last night and it got me thinking about some of the show that I would like to see released on DVD. This list is not definitive in anyway. It is more my personal choices and the chance I see of them getting released. Here are my current top 5:

5. Manimal (1983)

Likelihood of Release – MODERATE
Manimal is a show that didn’t even make it for a season in a year of television that is infamous for its number of cancellations. What hope do we Manimal fans have? Oddly enough, I think pretty decent, the rights seem pretty straightforward and the show has a small but very rabid fan base. Add to that the cheese factor and I think it is only a matter of time before we see this gem being released by a company like Shout Factory. (fingers crossed)

4. Batman (1966 – 1968)

Likelihood of Release – LOW
How could a show that is as iconic as this mid to late 1960s laughfest not be available on DVD? I imagine it has something to do with all the companies that seem to own some right to this beloved character. Even with the continued success of the comics, animated series and movies I think we are unlikely to see this release in the immediate future. So if you happen to catch a marathon on TV set your media centers to record and save them for prosperity.

3. Bring Em’ Back Alive (1982-1983)
bring em back alive

Likelihood of Release – HIGH
Unless I am missing something I think this underrated adventure series is a shoe-in for a DVD release eventually. It had nearly a complete season, a really good cast (Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan and Ron O’Neal) and a decent budget. While it is no Tales of the Gold Monkey, it is in the same vein, so I think we will can count on bringing Bring Em’ Back Alive home at some point in the near future.

2. In Search Of (1976-1982)
in search of

Likelihood of Release – LOW
Initially created as a vehicle for the narrative style of Rod Serling, In Search Of, fell into the able hands of Leonard Nimoy after the death of Serling. The show is filled with crazy stories and bunk about the supernatural that was sometimes creepy and always fun to watch. While it seems to have its fans, their does not seem to be a loud clamoring for its full release on DVD. So In Search of Fans, lets us unite and makes this happen.

1. The Wonder Years (1988-1993)
wonder years

Likelihood of Release – Who knows
It is hard to guess when this amazing and poignant show about growing up might make the jump to disc. The big problem seems to be the music rights. The show was filled with great period music, which of course tends to complicate the release of anything. Perhaps they could go back and put in sound-a-likes, but part of the joy of watching the show was its authenticity, so that might take away from the final product. So I would rather they wait till the music issues are squared away.

The demand for the show is still very high, just check out the prices on the used compilations they released a while ago. $80 for a single DVD.

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  1. Joel H

    Aaaaah see, ‘Batman’ immediately popped into my mind as soon as I saw the title of this post. I brought a crappy boxset recorded off’ve some fella’s TV, but a proper release is like my holy grail.

  2. mooncity

    Ha, ha! These are all on my list! All seven seasons of “In Search Of…” appears to be on YouTube (check Wikipedia for a complete episode list, and work your way through on You Tube). I’d way rather have it on DVD though. “Automan” may hopefully come out with the new Tron movie, but I’ve not heard anythign about that. “Logan’s Run” the TV show may also come out with the new Logan’s Run movie. That one seems fairly likely, and was available on Amazon’s Unbox digital store. No word on “Otherworld,” “BJ & the Bear,” of “Sheriff Lobo.” “Lou Grant” is also MIA at present, but may make it to disc eventually.

  3. Trancer

    Batman would be great, it never grows old. Wouldn’t have thought there would be many licencing issues, unlike ‘otherworld’ of which im a big fan.

    Been involved in many talks in the past about the show, the sticking issue is it features many music tracks that’ll need to paid royalities on. Given the lowkey sales being a shortlived unloved series, they’d be lucky to break even releasing it.

    Love to see it though, along with automan.

  4. Faskil

    I’m still waiting for a full release of Spin City. As far as I know there’s only some sort of “best of” floating around. A shame. 🙁

  5. Atari Adventure Square

    I’m hoping Bring Em Back Alive appears soon. For years, I’d confuse this with Gold Monkey and feel like I dreamt up the whole thing after watching my tape of TRON for the umpteenth time.

    And Battle Of The Network Stars needs to be released properly so we can see our favorite 70s TV stars behave like kids in a summer camp.

    I’ll second the need for Automan on DVD.

  6. mooncity

    I for one am shocked there’s yet to be a full on Chico & the Man DVD release.

  7. TheSixMillionDollarJedi

    At the top of my list is The Six Million Dollar Man. Like Batman, it’s a victim of rights issues. It was THE action-adventure show of the 1970s. For the show to be bogged down in legal hell is a crime. The show was a pop culture phenomenon.

    However, I did read that The Bionic Woman is rumored to be release this fall. If that is true then The Six Million Dollar Man can’t be far behind.

  8. JerseyLaddie

    TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY (Finally!) has been released. Whole series DVD box set, with a “Making of”, and commentaries. There is a God.

  9. The Sexy Armpit

    The Batman 60’s show is available on bootleg dvd EVERYWHERE. I bought a set for a reasonable price and it’s well worth it since there’s no sign of the series getting an official release. When I was a kid I taped all of the episodes and redubbed them onto other tapes cutting out commercials and placing them in original series order. Needless to say the tapes are poor quality by todays standards so I went for the bootlegs and put all my favorite episodes on my iPod classic.

  10. mooncity

    Poor Batman. I think at least three rights-holders are involved. Warners/DC, 20th Cent Fox, and even the original producers.

  11. yoyorobbo

    The Batman delay/holdout thing is truly annoying. A local (DET) channel just recently played all 3 seasons, in order (except maybe one or two that got swapped… weird), one every night at 7pm EST. They finished them all, and now have begun the entire cycle again. I caught most of them on my DVR, but had to start erasing them after viewing, because it just plain filled-up! Anyway, it’s a GREAT show, dorky or not, and I’d LOVE a legit release on DVD too. Can’t understand how it can be still run everyday in re-runs but not out on DVD.

    After that, they can plop out The ’60s Green Hornet series too. I mean, if you’re gonna tease us in a few Batman eps with Bruce Lee, then for the love of Kato PLEASE put that whole show out too. I’ve tried the earlier ’40s serials… cool, but it’s still not what I saw as a kiddo in reruns.

    Six Million Dollar Man is one on my radar too. I’ve seen a legit(?) release on ebay, I think… but it was a South American release or something, dubbed accordingly. Who knows, it may be bootleg anyway.

    Love the site, bud! Great, great stuff!!!

  12. mooncity

    Progress on two fronts. “In Search Of…” IS being released on DVD, maybe early next year. Rumor has it that Nimoy might participate, at least in some way. Also, Warners has finally secured rights from the various estates of the Batman cast to sell merch featuring likenesses of the characters from the show. Rights issues between studios are still bottling up a DVD release, but we’re one small step closer.

  13. CarlosTheDwarf

    I loved In Search Of. Most episodes are pure, unadulterated BS, but I still find myself unable to stop watching a single episode. I credit Nimoy’s wonderful narration. I’d pick up DVD’s in a heartbeat, but for now I have a bunch of episodes I “encountered” on the Internet a while back.

  14. The Retroist

    In Search Of, because of childhood memories, is probably the one I was always the most excited about. So I cannot wait for VEI to make that release happen. A long wait.

    When that happens, I will finally need to change this list.

  15. TheBill1979

    I have a small list, in no particular order:

    Seasons 3-8 of ABC’s Perfect Strangers
    Fox’s Werewolf (one of the first original shows on Fox; ran for a single season)
    Canadian kid’s show Today’s Special. I would settle for a “Best of” release, however.

  16. Yinzerella

    Bill—OMG Today’s Special! With Jeff & Jody & Muffy!
    I thought I had imagined that show because no one I know remembers it.

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