7 Up Special Edition Bicentennial Bottle

Bicentennial mania was everywhere in 1976 and the lingering effects of it were felt well into the eighties if you were a fan of flea markets and garage sales. I went to both and at nearly everyone I could find some product that someone saved with special Bicentennial packaging. I had started a soda pop bottle collection back then, so any that I could find that seemed interesting I would pick up. I guess in 1976 everyone assumed that the hundreds of thousands of limited Edition bottles put out by 7 Up would gain value.

From experience I can tell you, they did not. I would pick up dozens of these and the 7-Up cans for about a nickel a piece. When they started taking up too much room in my collection, I tried giving them away. Since my Mom wouldn’t let me drink them, eventually they started showing up at my family’s garage sales. Where they went for just about the same price as I paid for them. Often less.

Nowadays they are slightly rarer, but you can still pick them up for a reasonable price if you are interested in bottle collecting.

In 1976 they ran a great commercial to promote this slice of soda promo history. I watch it now and I still feel the urge to buy them. It plays off my patriotism and my love of soda in a glass bottle. That is a win/win strategy in my book.

Sadly, the commercial gets take offline all the time. So here is a screen cap of the bottle in all its well-filmed glory from it.


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