A Card to Get Me off the Couch?

I have kept every birthday card that my Grandmother ever gave me. Often they were chose to be related to my interests be them space, computers or movies. This card though broke away from her normal standards and I have questioned her motivation for giving it to me. I would not describe young me as a sports fanatic, so was this her subtle hint that I needed to pick up a sport and get up off the couch? I do not know and she passed a while ago, so I will never get to ask her.

If that was her intent. She was waaaaaay too subtle. This card went into the drawer a week after my birthday and during that week and the years that would follow the couch would remain my best friend.

What do you mean??

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  1. vinvectrex

    Great card. She may have simply been encouraging you to revisit the excellent lineup of sports titles for your Atari 2600.

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