A Cold Coke in a Paper Cup made for a Wonderful Supermarket Treat

My family did their food shopping once a month and it was an event. We would spend hours in either Pathmark or ShopRite, strolling up and down the aisle, looking for sales and checking out pile of coupons. I liked the Pathmark because it often had cheap video tapes and a few video games, but the ShopRite had something else, something I liked even more. In the back of the one we went to they had a Coca-Cola machine. It wasn’t your standard machine though, instead it served fountain cola in paper cups for 25 cents each.

The cups were average sized, what we would call a “Small” nowadays. The soda was always cold and very well mixed — so cold you did not need ice It was so good that I would pack away quarters to splurge on a cup or two every time we went. I remember one time sitting on a box near the machine with my Mother, both of us having a Coke in the cramped end of the dairy aisle while people grabbed for milk and butter. She smiled and said to me, “It does not get much better than this.” She was completely right.

When I saw this ad, I was taken right back to that box. A place I really like being.


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  1. Patrick J. Doody

    I can remember the taste of these Cokes. We had a similar vending machine at a camp I went too. The mix happened right before your eyes into that waxy cup – you could see the syrup and the soda water pouring in at the same time.

    So good. Whenever I see a machine like this, I always get one. I find them from time to time.

  2. reerun25

    I remember getting these at welcome centers, sometimes they had the fountain Cokes, other times, the small bottles. They would give you a bag of peanuts, the shelled ones like Lance makes, and we used to pour the salted peanuts in the coke, sounds strange, but it was really good…

  3. plcary

    The supemarket we shopped at as a kid had free soft drinks on certain saturdays along with really cheap food to purchase. Showing my age by the prices but I loved getting a hot dog for a dime or a ham sandwich for 15 cents! Early 70s I miss you!

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