A Computer with the Monitor on the side? No thanks.

I found the above image from a late eighties magazine and it got me remembering how often I used my early computers in weird positions. This was usually because I needed to put the computer on a television or because I was sick in bed or on the couch and did not want to stop using my computer. Yet as soon as I could, I attempted to emulate a more “professional” computer setup, and when I finally got a real computer monitor, I never looked back. My monitor was always right in front of me, often stacked on the computer itself or propped up on some books to maintain eye level.

In this photo above, I not sure what is going on, but I do know that by the end of the day, this computer user is going to have a lot of neck pain.

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  1. Max Power

    At that time, a lot of people still had “word processors” with a monitor to the side, because the typewriter was still in the center. I wonder if this layout was more familiar to a person who used one of them.

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