A Don Sherwood Comic Portrait of the Partridge Family

My sister watched and loved “The Partridge Family”, but at some point would outgrow her collection of magazines, posters and comics related to her fandom. When she did, she offered me the comic books and I happily took them. I read them at the time, they were light and I thought the art by Don Sherwood was well done.

I had not thought about them till a couple of days ago when I was searching for something else online and a Sherwood image from the comic that my sister had cut out and hung on her wall jumped out of me from my search results. I remember being irritated that she had cut it out and asking her if she had thrown it out and then standing in her doorway as she slowly went through a pile of old papers until she recovered it.

I would then carefully place it back into the comic in its proper place. I no longer own the comic, but I like to think that its new owner occasionally opens up the comic and puzzles over why this one page was cut out, and why, after hearts were drawn all around David Cassidy, it was placed back into the original comic.


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