A Fancy Car Listing from 1980

Our neighbor when I was growing up had an apparently rundown looking garage that she never used. Looks were deceiving though because the interior was meticulously kept and the garage was well secured. That is because she rented out the garage to the owner of a Rolls Royce who kept it there except when he was driving it or cleaning. Drives occurred like once a month and cleanings every other week. I would often wander over and chat with him while he cleaned this sleek white beauty. I even volunteered to help, but he would have none of that, this was his baby and he wasn’t going to trust a kid with it.

Recently I stumbled across this listing from the early 1980s for a place that sold Rolls Royces. His looked more like the 1970s version than the other cars and when I saw the price it made my head spin. His car even then was more expensive than most of the home around where I lived.

It just goes to show, you really can be surprised what you might find in someones garage, even a 90-year-old lady who never owned a car.


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