A Fear of Operation

operation game

My next door neighbor had Operations when I was a kid and she told me a lie that stuck with me for over a year. I had only seen the commercials, so I had not idea how the game really worked, so when she got it for Xmas I ran over to play with it. She was practicing and when she touched the sides she pretended that it gave her an electric shock. This terrified me and I refused to play. Her laughing as I ran home should have been a giveaway that she was faking I guess, but I am the trusting sort.

So for a year I refused to play it and when I did finally it was only at the urging of my Mother who assured me that I would not get shocked. The first time the buzzer went off, I almost jumped out of my skin, but was relieved to not be shocked. In retrospect, I am impressed with my neighbors ability to keep the joke going. That was real commitment to a bit.

Nowadays I love Operation and encourage all to play it as often as possible.

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