A Modern Encounter with the Lil’ Lady Bug Stroller

I was out this past weekend at a street market. It was a really nice day and I managed to snag a bench to watch the crowds go by and enjoy the sun. I was sitting there maybe 2 minutes when I spotted a toy that I did not expect to see, especially not in such good condition and being used by a kid for its intended purpose as a toy over 3 decades since it was made.

A little girl was pushing a mint condition Lil’ Lady Bug Stroller right down the sidewalk with her dolls inside and without a care in the world. I should mention that my cousin/neighbor had this EXACT same stroller when I was a kid, she had it as a hand me down and it was in rough shape then. She used it every day and the image of this buggy is now burned into my memory.

I wanted to ask her parents where they got it? Was it a modern remake? Did they just have it in storage? They quickly melted into the crowd before I could get any answers.

After I got home, I went to the internet to investigate. I looked online and couldn’t find any modern remakes, so I am thinking that lucky kid has a vintage one that is just in Amazing condition. Hopefully she will keep in that way so that her kids can enjoy it one day.

I was able to find an image of the stroller online for those who are unfamiliar.


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