A Passing in the Family

I have gotten a few emails and IMs from people asking why I have not put out a new podcast this holiday season. I planned on a few episodes this month, I even recorded the audio for one early in the month. Sadly an event transpired that has consumed my time and has dulled my ability to do the show.

My Mother, who was a very early fan of the site and even occasional commenter passed away this month. I am perhaps a little biased, but I think everyone who knew her would agree she was a remarkable woman. Opinionated, yet quiet and strong, she was a role model whose influence will continue to inform my decisions and direction for the rest of my life.

She instilled in me an appreciation for the past and for the small things in life that have served me well, as I worked on the site and podcast. So in a very important way, she was a key member of this website.

I was not sure I was going to mention her passing here on the site, but I think I needed to explain what has been going on with the lack of shows. Plus when I went on her computer this morning and opened up her browser I noticed that her homepage was The Retroist and the first link in her bookmarks was for the podcast archive. So maybe she would appreciate a mention on what looked to be her favorite website.

I am not sure how long it will take me to record a new show. The story at the beginning is largely informed by her and it is difficult to frame experience through this veil of grief.

Yet, even as I typed that I can hear her voice in my head. It is in a calm New Jersey accent, telling me to look on the bright side of things and that life is just too short to dwell on the bad stuff for too long. It is the type of steady motherly advice that she was always able to muster even in the darkest of times.

So, I might need a little time, but the show will be back and the site will continue to grow. That is exactly what she would want.