A Rainy Day Trip to American Science and Surplus

Moving to a new area has its high points and its low points. As a big fan of the familiar, I can tell you I have had a ton of low points over the last month, but I am happy to say I am starting to adjust and get my bearings. Now all sorts of cool things are at my disposal. New Flea Markets and garage sales, brand new thrift stores and wait for it… I live only a few minutes away from American Science and Surplus. Pinch me.

As a kid we used to receive their oddball catalog in the mail and I would beg my Mom to order me assorted flasks, doodads and boxed shrunken heads. Of course, being the fiscally responsible adult she said no and then would throw away the catalog before I found it. Well guess what? Now I am a fiscally irresponsible adult who lives minutes away from this mecca of madcap merchandise. Take that upbringing!

Now in all the rush and bustle of moving it didn’t even occur to me that I was near AS&S. It was during a drive to find this bakery that I spotted their sign and almost drove off the rode. Sadly I was in a rush that day and had to wait until this weekend to visit. It was like waiting for that first summer weekend when you would get to go down the shore with you friend’s family. Sweet anticipation. I got their at opening on Saturday – 2nd person in the door. When I smelled the dust in the air and spotted the humorous hand written signs I knew I was in Retroist heaven.


I bought a bunch of things:

– Lots of Stickers
– Mickey Mouse bookmark.
– American Science and Surplus Mug
– Nerd Magnets
– Rocky and Bullwinkle Magnets
– Dragon Dice Mat
– Nose themed Pencil Sharpener
– Miniature Painting of a sailing ship
– Rattlesnake Egg Magnets
– Boiling Flask
– 3 Fotonovels
– Skateboarding Patches
– Mountable Bottle Opener
– Assorted Plastic Clips

Grand Total – About 28 bucks.

Here is a photo of some of my haul. I tried to not include dupes. I did buy a bunch of those Nerd Magnets, and a stack of those Deadtime Stories stickers.

Not a bad way to pass a morning for me. On the way out I signed up for their catalog (feels good to be reunited) and I made a promise to myself not to go their more then once a month.

Note: OK Promise broken – I went back this morning – just to look at the lab stuff again. You are not my Mother. Stop judging me!!

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