A-Team Action Slot Car Racing by Tyco

My cousin had multiple slot car racing sets and every time I visited we would spend hours aggressively racing one another until rooms reeked of ozone and/or the cars were destroyed from flying off the track and smacking into walls. The A-Team Action Racing by Tyco was a pretty simple setup as slot car tracks went. Simple small loops and the “Double Cross Jump” were nothing to write home about. Even the ability for the cars to u-turn, got to be old hat after a few hours of play. Yet, this set had a secret weapon that kept us coming back time and again while more advanced playsets sat unused under the bed.


That’s right it was the van! A lot of slot race sets, had loops and curves and night glow and wall climbing and jumps, but very few had anything but cars and only one featured the van from the A-Team. Naturally arguments would break out over who got to play the van, with me usually losing out (after all it wasn’t my playset).

If you are not familiar with how the set worked, here is an amazing commercial that sums it up pretty well.

I have seen a couple of these sets for sale online and at flea markets over the years and have been close to picking one up, but with no guarantee that the sets worked (I have had bad luck with secondhand slot car sets), I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger. So for now I don’t own an A-Team Action Racing by Tyco, but I will always have sweet memories of watching the A-Team van make the “Double Cross Jump” and then not landing in the slot and sliding across the floor. Good times.