A Thank-You Letter to Con Edison from 1956

A Thank-You Letter to Con Edison from 1956

I was going through a box of old family documents recently, when I stumbled across this letter written by my Great Aunt back in 1956.

It is written to the energy company Con Edison, who was kind enough to help her retrieve a lost earring that had fallen into a grate. Reading it I couldn’t help but smile at the idea of a large company having a reputation for helping to retrieve object people drop down grates. Yet here is my Aunt, praising them for that very thing.

A few other things I noticed about the letter. First, it feels very heartfelt. This earring obviously meant alot to her. Second, it is remarkable that someone would take the time back then to write a letter. We are so lucky nowadays to be able to write quick emails or texts to people. Although perhaps are recipients are not as lucky.

Real letters are nice!

Finally, the last thing I noticed, is that since I have the letter, she never sent it! I did find it wedged into another stack of letters, so maybe she lost it? Or perhaps a carbon copy was made and she kept one for her records?

Whatever the case, I am wondering if I should get in touch with Con Edison for a belated thank-you. I am sure she would appreciate it. In the meantime I am sharing it here, perhaps it will inspire you to write a nice letter to someone who helped you out.


I shared this post on Twitter and Con Ed responded quickly. So message delivered…

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  1. Your aunt was quite a good writer! And it’s cool that Con Edison still replies – even if the medium has switched to Twitter.

    1. Twitter has certainly made it easier for people. I wonder what the ratio of praise to complaints is nowadays.

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