A Treasure Trove of Transformers’ Toy Commercials


The Transformers Movie comes out tonight and I am going to be there. I hope you can be as well, but if not maybe you can get yourself siked up by watching some awesome Transformer’s Toy Commercials from the 1980s. They might be cheesy by today’s standards, but they got us all to run out and beg our parents for the Dinobots. “Me Grimlock leader!” Good times.

So without further ado here are a few of my favorite Transformer Commercials from my collection.

This is the one that started it all. The one with the first kid who says, “Robots in Disguise!” This is by far my favorite of all Transformers’ commercials. If you needed to pick one Transformer to hang out with it would have to be Optimus Prime. He is a noble leader and does a kick-ass John Wayne impersonation. Trust me it kills at party.

Not the most well thought out, but definitely one the more expensive Transformers was Omega Supreme who turned from a base into a robot. Kind of reminds of the scene in big where he criticizes the toy company for making building that turn into robots. This commercial also tags on ad for the animated Transformers movie. “You’ve got the touch…”

Soundwave and Blaster are the robots that can have robots in side of them. The only robots who know the joys of birth? Or just a gimmick to get me to buy lots of the tape cased mini bots? You decide.

The Constructicons created quite a stir on my block growing up. They were the first compound Transformers and only the kids with the wealthier grandparents ever completed them. I was always more of a Dinobot man myself in public, but in private I yearned for this killer robot set.

Predacons were yet another compound Transformer. Slightly less cool then the Constructicons, but with a much cooler name. They were built to counter the uber awesome Dinobots. Watch them turn into Predaking.

Bigger is better right? Well thats what the Transformers thought and they built their robots to the sky. Need proof? Check out Jetfire.

The Arielbots and Stunticons kept the multiple robot action going. What I liked about these guys is they gave the Autobots a couple of flying bots.

Sandstorm and Broadside are what were referred to as Triple changers. Fed up with just being able to change from one thing to another, the more savvy Transformers collectors needed more. And just like with Rubik’s Revenge, the toy company answered back with something a little bit better. The ability to Transform into THREE things. Look out!

Enjoy the movie tonight or tomorrow and remember. You got the touch!

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  1. Why’s the kid in the first commercial doing a demonic Popeye impersonation?

  2. haha..he ems what he ems. That kid is an icon to me. I have tried to find out who he is, but no success yet.

  3. haha i just found this.. i had some old cards i tried to keep safe from my older bro when we were younger.. our mom let us open all the transformers collectibles to get back at my dad.. i didn’t feel right so i snagged up all the cards and have been keeping them safe for as long as i can remember.. i wish i still had the toys.. i might actually in storage.. anyways.. oh and the only video shown was you got the touch.. the rest of em were removed.. well thx for the good memories.. love it

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