A Tiny TV on every Nightstand in the Eighties?

When I was a kid, I was really excited when I got my first B&W TV. It was tiny, but huge compared to the mini TV that one of my friends received as a Christmas gift one year. His was the stuff of Science Fiction and he used it like you might expect someone would use a tiny screen, by holding it really close to his face. He would even put it on his pillow when sleeping to get the effect of a full screen.

Naturally we were all very jealous, even if the entire thing seemed impractical. While browsing some old magazines last week, I found what looks like a very similar model TV in this photo and it seems like having it close to your face (if not ON your pillow) might have been the way everyone was starting to use it. When I would tell my Mother about how awesome I thought it was, she would tell me that it was crazy and that it was a silly way to watch TV. It would ruin people’s eyes and never catch on as a larger trend.

Of course we know now that NO ONE would watch programming on a tiny screen, when they have the option of watching on a larger screen…

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  1. By golly, your mom was right! There is nothing small about TV screens now, unless you use a tablet to watch a movie. But even that is just when you’re on the go.

    I actually have seen those before, albeit with larger screens. My dad’s cousin had something similar but with a larger screen, and it was in the kitchen.

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