Adam West Appears on Hollywood Palace as Batman (with Milton Berle as Superman)

The TV show Hollywood Palace is not talked about much nowadays, but in its heyday from January 4, 1964 to February 7, 1970 this hour-long ABC-based variety show was a big deal. Not only was the show a clearing house for celebrities from all eras and levels of current success (including the Rolling Stones and the Jackson 5 in their first US television appearances), but it gave star Raquel Welch her big break.

Of course the biggest deal to young people, especially comic book readers, came when Adam West appeared on the show both as himself and/or as Batman. Which happened on a few occasions, including as a host of the show.

I think his appearance as himself on the Bing Crosby hosted Christmas special isinteresting…

…but it never hurts to see West dressed as the caped crusader (and then quickly changes out of it with the help of Martha Rae off stage). Warning: Singing ahead.

Did you make it through the Adam West singing? Here is the promised kooky mix-up of comic book characters (with Milton Berle as Superman)

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  1. These look like fun clips, but unfortunately, they’re in an audio range that only dogs can hear.

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