Are You Hot Enough to Play with Journey on your Atari?

I spent many summer weekends with my cousins in the far northern wilds of New Jersey. Then during autumn and winter they would have often come and visit us. I remember one year in the 1980s going to visit them before Thanksgiving and my one cousin raving about the new Journey game that he got for this Atari. We sat down to play it, but before I could turn it on he stopped me, ran over to his stereo and turned on Journey full blast. He nodded his head and shot me a, “That’s the way you do it” look. I turned on the system and proceeded to play.

I found the music terribly distracting, but he insisted on rocking out the entire time that cart was in the system. When he got this hand on the controller, he was a super star. It was as if the music was feeding some inner fire that powered a rock n roll video game playing machine. Of all the people I have known who played this game, and I have known a few. I think he could have answered the call from this ad with a powerful and resounding, YES!


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  1. ddsw

    As I recall it wasn’t much of a game, but you can’t go wrong with some Journey!

  2. Justin M. Salvato

    Your cousin sounded very interesting… Might have been cool to hang with him. I need to read more about his video game habits to decide for sure! ROCK ON JOURNEY & ATARI!

  3. Doug

    I am not hot enough to play with Journey. Thanks for rubbing that fact in my face.

  4. Dudley88

    I’ve never played the game, but I often played Atari while listening to my Journey Escape cassette. Although it wasn’t my favorite song on the album, I always loved it when “Keep on Runnin'” came on while I was playing Pitfall.

  5. Drahken

    I got the journey game, along with some atlantis game from the bargain bin back in the days for $1 apiece or something. The journey game is actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it. (I still have it btw.)

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