What if Atari had made Action Figures?

Chicago Toy Collector Dan made these magnificent creations as a gift to himself on his 33rd birthday. They may have started as a gift to himself, but they really are a gift to every kid who owned an Atari and dreamed about the possibility of their favorite games getting a toy line. Even as a child, I always thought it was a missed opportunity. Especially on the part of Activision who made some of my favorite games.

As you will see below Dan has taken pieces from GI-Joe figures and put together an Activision Action Force that, if available in stores, I would spend my hard-earned dollar on…easily. I would have to own them all so that I could send away for that Stampede Action Figure.

Any games you think he overlooked that should be a part of Phase 2 on his 34th birthday?

Frostbite Bailey from Frostbite
Frostbite Bailey from Frostbite
Roderick Hero from H.E.R.O
Roderick Hero from H.E.R.O
Pitfall Harry from Pitfall!
Pitfall Harry from Pitfall!
Officer Kelly from Keystone Kapers
Officer Kelly from Keystone Kapers
Short Order Sam from Pressure Cooker
Short Order Sam from Pressure Cooker

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  1. I would give my left paddle for a set of these!! I hope he had the foresight to print extra UPC panels, so he doesn’t have to cut these cards up to send to himself in order to get the bonus Stampede figure.

  2. Wave 2:
    Fisherman from Fishing Derby
    Prisoner from Kaboom
    Pilot w/scarf from Barnstormer
    Grandpa from Bridge
    and, for the girls, how about Rhonda from Pitfall II?

  3. Vehicles could include the Seaquest sub and the River Raid airplane.

  4. Don’t forget a helicopter vehicle from CHOPPER COMMAND!

    Clever and ingenious don’t describe my admiration for these custom figures.

  5. These are not only a thing of beauty but a stunning work of art! These have to be made a reality…I won’t rest until these are in my collection. 🙂

    @Mwentworth Love it! How about Quickclaw as the pet for Rhonda?
    @Doug Absolutely! I would add the ship from Megamania to that vehicle collection.

    Wave 2:
    Laser Base playset from Laser Blast!
    Pierre Touché from Private Eye

  6. How about a chicken from Freeway? Hockey player for Ice Hockey….a cowboy from Stampede…….and for Dragster, Enduro, and Grand Prix – make the package like Hot Wheels with the corresponding vehicle!

  7. Should have Frogger and Qbert….

  8. so full of awesome!!!!!!

  9. Was Frogger and Q*Bert made by Activision? They were handled by Parker Bros. for the Atari 2600, right?

  10. These are great figures and a great idea for customs. It’s not something I’ve seen before.

    H.E.R.O is my favorite Atari game and would love to have that figure.

    If we are going with original home video game titles (not licensed ones like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong) others could include the Decathlete (from Decathlon) and the Circus Atari clown.

  11. The space pilot from Beamrider to. My favorite activision game, by far.

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