The Awful Green Things from Outer Space

The Awful Green Things from Outer Space is a great game two-player board game created by Tom Wham. Whalen created lots of great games and gaming material. While am a fan of a lot of his work. One thing will always trump his other accomplishments in my book. He was the illustrator for the Beholder in the original Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual.

The Awful Green Things from Outer Space has its roots in the company that made D&D, TSR. It originally appeared as an insert in a 1979 issue of their Dragon Magazine, but was released as a boxed standalone game by TSR a year later. That was the version I played after a friend was lucky enough to get a copy on his birthday. I think mostly because his mom liked the box. Eventually the rights of it would go to Steve Jackson Games. They would continue to publish the games through various size changes and game revisions over the years.

If you spent a lot of your youth staring at the ads that appeared in comics and magazines, maybe it is time to bring the magic home. I always played the GTs and lost as a kid. Of course, I was never that strategic. Maybe you will have better luck than I did. Hunting down the TSR version is not that difficult, but if you want it a brand new copy of the game, you can order a copy of Awful Green Things From Outer Space Revised Edition Game via Amazon.

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  1. Lance

    I still have my original copy of this. I loved Tom Wham’s stuff. I’ve got his File 13 game lying around also. What was awesome about TAGTFOS was in an issue of Dragon they published the expansion pack that gave you mini ships, stickyfoot suits and rules on how to use the outside of the ship as part of the playfield.

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