Order this Limited Edition Baba Yaga Hut Miniature

For most people who have played Dungeons & Dragons, Baba Yaga’s Hut was a powerful object of fascination. Now you might not be able to get your hands on the real version of the Hut. My Halfling thief claimed it in the late 1980s. However you can order yourself a Limited Edition Baba Yaga Hut Miniature from Easternfront Studios.

For those not familiar with the hut, it has been around in various forms since the earliest days of Dungeons & Dragons. I had my first encounter with the hut in an adventure based on The Dancing Hut. This was written by the legendary Roger Moore and published in Dragon Magazine issue #83. Here is the simpler hut I encountered.

Baba Yaga Hut from Dragon Magazine issue #83

Baba Yaga Hut

Baba Yaga Hut stands 9 inches and is made of Resin and Lead free metal. It is a limited edition run. So they will only be making 250 of them. Each Baba Yaga Hut Miniature comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the sculptor. To really make it a show piece, a brass plaque indicating the number will be attached coordinated to the number on the certificate. Once all 250 huts have been made, the molds will be destroyed.

It ain’t cheap at $200, but this might be your only opportunity to pick up and wow all your gaming friends. So act quickly before they break those molds.

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