Batman March of Dimes – Infantile Paralysis Postcard

I think this Batman postcard is wonderful now, but if you had told me to hold onto it for nearly 70 years back in 1943, I would have called you a weirdo and probably challenged you to a jitterbug contest. But as any good collector or antiquarian will tell you, “Never throw out anything!” Because you never know what will become valuable in 70 years.

batman robin march of dimes

According to Hakes:
4.75×6.5” card is March of Dimes premium offered in 1943. Card features nice image of Batman and Robin in spotlight image that was featured on cover of “Batman” #9 comic book from Feb./Mar., 1942. Facsimile signature/inscription reads “Sincerely, Batman and Robin.” Back of card has post card section with text that reads “Thanks For Your Contribution To The March Of Dimes To Fight Infantile Paralysis!” This is the first of 2 varieties, a larger version was offered in 1947. Card was filled out and was postally issued. Postmark has no date. Scattered handling wear with 3” and 4” creases at corners. .25” L-shaped area of surface paper lift in lower right corner. VG. Our last example of this card in similar condition sold for $2,187.

Batman March of Dimes – Infantile Paralysis Postcard [@] Hake’s

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