Bing Crosby for Minute Maid Orange Juice


My family loved the work of Bring Crosby in both film and music. The “Road to” films are still some of my favorites and it really doesn’t feel like Christmas in my home unless Bing is crooning from some speaker. One reference that I never understood when I was a kid, was when my family associated Bing with orange juice. I loved orange juice and when I would ask for a third glassful my Mother would often say, “take it easy there Bing.” This would get a laugh from my Grandmother, and I would just sit their puzzled.

I would later find out that Bing just didn’t do commercials for Orange Juice, but he was an investor when a company that made orange juice from concentrate came to be known as Minute Maid. It would have been nice if my Mother explained her joke. Maybe she didn’t think it was worth the effort or maybe she knew someday I would be driven to figure it out myself.

Here is Bing with his family in the 1970s doing some pancake flipping shtick and still pitching for good ol’ OJ.

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