Break the Code in Mastermind

On a rainy weekend in the 1980, I was digging through a closet in my family’s house when I found a copy the game, Mastermind. A quick call to my friend and the rainy weekend was filled with mind teasing color pegged guessing, ice tea and frozen pizza. The game was a ball and simple, one player picks a sequence of colors and it is up to the other play to crack the code by placing colors pegs on the board. You get 10 tries and with each one, you are told if you have guessed correctly. I loved being the guesser and luckily my friend who had a better view of the TV and loved watching it, liked watching me guess.

I wonder if he saw this commercial while watching re-runs of Planets of the Apes the TV series over my shoulder?

I recently picked up copy of the came and have been re-enjoying it. The bonus this time around is that the copy of the game I got is decidedly retro in appearance. Which makes the experience all the richer.

Mastermind is a fun game for ages 8+ (although I think a 7 year old could easily pick up the game), so if you do not own a copy, pick up a copy of Mastermind today.

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  1. CarlosTheDwarf

    Back in the day I programmed a Mastermind clone in Macromedia Director. It was a nightmare.

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