Bring back the Burger King Spooner!

Bring back the Burger King Spooner!

For a while Burger King had a dessert taste sensation I could not get enough of, the Burger King Spooner. It was a simple treat. You got some soft serve ice cream in a cup and they put Oreo cookie crumbles or strawberry chunks in sauce on the top of it. It was, I guess, BK’s answer to the Blizzard or Blend-Ins that were already very popular by the mid-Eighties.

I would sit there and stir the heck out of the thing until it was a smooth, almost thick milk shake consistency, and then would scarf it down in no time flat. I think on occasion, when we were at the Burger King near the arcade closest to me, I would take the money that was allotted for lunch and just pick up three Spooners and be happy as a clam with money left over for more video games.

It was such an easy treat and maybe that is why they stopped making them, but their was something about them that I found very appealing. So it is time to bring them back!

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  1. Whollyfool

    I miss the Spooners too! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make them myself.

  2. James

    Spooners were great, I don’t remember strawberry, just Oreo and Heath.

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