Brut Cologne and my Sister’s Dream of a Gender Swap Commercial


This particular Brut commercial is laser-etched into my brain because it ran constantly. I remember asking my Mother if this was normal behavior for women in love with a “Brut man” and her answer was deep and unceasing laughter, which I took to mean no.

My sister would point out constantly how much cooler this commercial would be if it was a guy pining for his woman and wearing her perfume and cloths. I think she was way ahead of her time. It certainly would have been more memorable.

This Brut commercial variant is special, because this one is tied in with the Stallone arm-wrestling film, “Over the Top”. When I saw the film, I didn’t realize that Brut was the official scent, but now every time I watch it, Brut is all I will be smelling.

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