Remembering Buck Rogers Toys

I recently came into possession of some old VHS recordings of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Needless to say, I have been thoroughly enjoying the mix of campiness, futuristic optimism and seventies glamour. While watching I cannot help but thing about the Buck Rogers Toys that they made for show. This was a post-Star Wars world and anything that could be translated into plastic toy form was given a chance. Buck Rogers toys were cool, but they lacked the sophistication of better toys, and just like the TV show they were based on, ran for a limited amount of time.

So let’s take a look at some of these classic toys and see what we might remember about them.

Buck Rogers Laserscope Fighter

Loved Target games and especially ones that could be re-purposed as a general toy after you ran out of batteries. The Laserscope Fighter has great theming and was perfectly usable as a standalone toy. If I had to nitpick, I would say my biggest issues what that the scale was a bit off when compared to the spaceship toys. Yes, I was that type of kid.

Radio Controlled Twiki

I never saw this toy in person. All of my Buck Rogers toys were hand-me-downs and Twiki never made it. It is easy to guess why. Poor Twiki never gets the respect he deserved and imagine he took a beating from frustrated kids not happy with the state of remote technology.

Buck Rogers Command Center

The command center really would have anchored by Buck Rogers collection. It also would have worked well with my Star Wars and GI Joe figures. I looks high and low for them back in the day, but could never find one in decent shape. Nowadays they go for a small fortune.

Buck Rogers Command Center

Outside of the Twiki figure and Buck’s starship, the Land Rover is my favorite toy. It very accurately captures the styling of the creations on the TV show by looking plausible but impossible at the same time.

Buck Rogers Action Figures

All wonderful, but the one that I find the easiest to still pick up is Twiki. I have watched Buck Rogers with adults and all of them profess a disgust of Twiki. But much like Scrappy Doo, we all secretly loved Twiki when we were kids. Only some of use are brave enough to admit we still love the little guy.

Buck Rogers Spaceships

Bucks’s Star Fighter is by far the coolest toy in the Buck Rogers toy line. It and the vintage Cylon Raider are my favorite vehicles outside of the Star Wars toy line. Just edging out the Cobra HISS from Gi Joe.

They also released a set of plastic miniature toys in a “Galactic Play Set.” These play set pieces will occasionally show up at flea markets in random toy bins. If you know what you are looking for, you can pick them up on the cheapside. At least you could in the past, it has been a while since I have been looking for them.

Want to see these toys in “Action?” Check out this swell commercial posted by the MEGO Museum.