Burger King tried to convince us that Burger King fries were the best

Despite really enjoying the burgers at Burger King, they could never seem to match the flavor and consistency of the french fries they served at McDonald’s. It was a constant complaint of everyone in my family when I was growing up. And was probably the #1 reason we kept heading to the Golden Arches even though the Burger King was much closer. We just didn’t like the Burger King fries.

That didn’t stop Burger King from revising and advertising their fries. This commercial is just one of many ad campaigns for Burger King fries that they would run. I must admit, I was gullible or just really wanted them to improve. Because with each new ad campaign, I would go in hoping that the new fries were going to knock my socks off (and hopefully my families). Sadly that never happened.

To this day, I prefer my fries from McDonald’s. They are not the same as they used to be. They used to be mind-blowingly addicting, but they are still better than what I have picked up from the King even now.

Watch this classic commercial for Burger King Fries

Burger King Fries aside, a lot to enjoy in this commercial. I especially love those classic uniforms!

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