Cable Channel Guide from 1987 (Telaction Coming Soon!)

Cable Channel Guide from 1987 (Telaction Coming Soon!)

We used to have a sticker on the back of our cable remote control that listed all the channels. After about 2 month, it would get gross and gnarly looking and would slowly begin to peel off. After 5 months it was illegible. If you did not have the channels memorized by then what were you to do? Would you consult the TV guide? No way, that thing is over on the end table and you just got comfortable. Why not just tune to the Cable Channel Guide! It lists all the channels. Of course it won’t tell you what is playing on those channels. They will have another channel for that (eventually), but this will do the trick for now. Plus they will play the music everyone loves, over and over and over again.

See what channels you have on your Cable Channel Guide

If you watch this Cable Channel Guide for a bit, you will notice that Telaction is “Coming Soon”. This was kind of cool early “online” shopping. Here is how it worked:

“Telaction provided a TV shopping mall experience where cable TV users would call a toll-free # from their home, which would then begin the interactive shopping experience on a selection of dedicated cable channels. Keypads on user’s touch tone phones would then be used to navigate the “shopping mall” and to make purchases. “Virtual store” visuals, along with product presentations (including audio product descriptions) would then be sent through the cable lines to the end shopper.”

Learn all about Telaction

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  1. RetroArt

    The main thing I recall about my local NJ cable guide channel was that it was way too slow in going through the channel listings.
    Also, I would usually go to it to check the current time- the “official” cable time that is.

    1. Retroist

      Way too slow! I would always just miss the channel that I wanted info about and then would sit there impatiently waiting for it to scroll around again.

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