Calgon, take me Away!


A few years ago my mother and her good friend were having an argument about an ad campaign that they both remembered vaguely. The thing was, they couldn’t remember the product or the exact words in the commercials. So they called me and asked, “do you remember ads where a women is feeling overwhelmed and says something like ‘take me away’ or something like that?” Confidently I said, “It is Calgon” and the catchphrase was “Calgon, take me away!”

They both paused and after too long a silence both agreed that I was completely wrong. I was beside myself and started to pull up proof. I sent print ads and commercials their way, but it was no use. They thought that, yes these ads were similar, but they had a different ad in mind. I was never able to convince them otherwise and to this day, when I think about it, I get so frustrated. It makes me want to take a nice long quiet relaxing bath.

Calgon, take me Away!

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