Can anyone explain this Heathcliff Comic?

Just a few days ago I start re-reading the alternative-to-Garfield, Heathcliff. When I was a kid, I was a fan and I just wanted to see if I could recapture that fandom. This morning I was searching for Heathcliff on google when I stumbled across this comic from a few years ago and much like the original poster, I am stymied. Anyone have any thoughts as to what it means?


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  1. He ordered a pizza with bird toppings.

  2. I guess it makes sense that a cat would want a pizza with birds on it. Tom of Tom and Jerry fame used to try to put mice and birds in his human-style food. But did Mario catch the birds himself? Or did Heathcliff provide them? And why are the birds still alive? Even worse, the drawing clearly shows the pizza box having wings, instead of birds inside the box carrying it off, or birds outside the box carrying the box in their claws.

    I am not sure if this insanity makes me proud of my choice of Garfield over Heathcliff, or is inspiring me to reconsider. Heathcliff, perhaps, demands a deep analysis.

  3. mporcius – Luigi putting the toppings on would seem to be some sort of board of health violation.

  4. Actually, I think it’s a Canadian bacon joke. The pizza is flying home, like the geese do.

  5. No one notice that the pizza man is playing with himself?

  6. Heathcliff eats birds silly. So he had birds for his pizza topping and the birds w/ pizza flew south. Easy. Try another 🙂

  7. I guess the bird thing is very likely. I am so glad their was an actual punchline. Still it is an unusual one and I don’t want to even think about what William pointed out.

  8. Sheesh…You guys are as bad as my mom. I have to explain obvious jokes like this to her all the time.

  9. How dare you compare me to a mother. Now can you come over here and show me how to get this DVD player to play? It just says AV1 on the screen??

  10. As a creator of one panel cartoons myself I am almost certain that the idea for this strip was funny to the artist so he drew it without fully understanding the joke himself. And that, in turn is actually quite funny. Really, when you’re cranking out five to seven strips a week you sometimes just go with it even though no sense can be made.
    Although I think the ‘Birds on the pizza’ theory is by far the best.

  11. I like how much this cartoon made me work and the bird thing..because it is so out there and the idea of some misshapen and damaged bird flying away is so disturbing.

  12. He ordered pizza and wings. Problem?
    Let us appreciate this one, as it is the only time we have seen wit of any kind depicted in a Heatcliff cartoon. Tomorrow it’s back to the usual fare: Heathcliff goes fishing, Heathcliff drives a car, Heathcliff plays baseball, Heathcliff raids the refrigerator, Heathcliff picks his nose, Heathcliff eats an ice cream cone, Heathcliff watches TV, Heathcliff brushes his teeth, Heathcliff scratches his ass, etc., etc., etc. …

  13. Heh, “pizza & wings”.
    Speaking of… I wonder if anyone’s ever put BBQ wings on a pizza as a topping?

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