Akai, for the most Avant Garde fans of Stereo Equipment

The commercial itself pretty much IS a music video, featuring the music and members of The Manhattan Transfer and their song, Birdland. It has a sterile industrial vibe with red/white/black color pallette that I always associate with new wave music and Mtv. Not with a vocal jazz group from the late 60s.

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The magical world of the Walkie-talkie

Communication now is ubiquitous. We are basically living in a science fiction world on the communication front. One technology though, for many years, allowed for freedom that would hint at the remarkable future in which we currently exist, the walkie-talkie.

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Salton Beachcomber Radio

I have encountered the Salton Beachcomber Radio many times while browsing thrift stores. This mid-eighties beauty always makes me pause and with good reason. It was a mini-boombox designed to…

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