Centurions – the Original Miniseries on DVD

Centurions was a syndicated 30 minute Jack Kirby and Gil Kane influenced science fiction animated television series produced by Ruby-Spears. The show would go on for 60 episode regular series run. But it all started in 1985 as part of a five-part miniseries. That up until recently has been buried in our memories and in the Warner Archive vault.

I watched the show religiously in 1985 and was an avid collector of Centurion toys at the time. I found their exploration of the relationship between humans and technology to be fascinating at the time (and rather sophisticated) and have always been sad that the show in its entirety has never been released on DVD. Well it looks like the flame of hope on a full release has been kindled, because the Warner Archive has released the original Miniseries on DVD exclusively through their website.

I have a few VHS copies of the show and have watched a few clips online over the years and the quality for this release compared to what I have had is like night and day. They must have gone back to the original work, because the show has never looked and certainly never sounded this good. Certainly not when I first watched the show on my family’s nearly burned out color TV. While, this is not an HD release, the lines and color are much crisper than I remember, which has made rediscovering the show a total joy.

Centurions are some of the pieces of the 1980s nostalgia puzzle that is a big part of my life. I am very happy that Warner Archive sees the value in releasing titles like this and I hope that you will check out Centurions if you have not (although I am sure you already clicked to order if you are a fan) and that this will lead to a release of the full series. Careful though, this show is addicting, those toys are getting pricey and their is a very good chance you will be inspired to pick up a few and play again. I already dug mine out. So let’s Play like it’s 1985!

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  1. Saturday World

    I loved watching reruns of this on Boomerang. I am definitely going to pick up this miniseries!


    (Nothing happened…dammit…)

  2. CarlosTheDwarf

    Strangely, I remember having TONS of these toys, but I don’t recall watching the show that much, or even remembering much about it at all. It blows my mind that there were 60 episodes. Maybe I just got the toys on discount after the show had petered out…

  3. The Retroist

    I know I picked up a bunch of the toys post-hype myself. If you like this style of show, you are in for a real treat.


    (nothing here either)

  4. VicSage

    The Jake Rockwell action figure is possibly the greatest toy to ever almost knock one of my teeth out! That missile launcher he had was powerful.


    (Man….is Crystal Kane sleeping on the job again?!)

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