Chicken Nuggets Fast Food Kids Meal Soap Set

food soap

Need to mess with people’s heads? When they go to wash their hands at your house? Just order up his Chicken nugget soap set. When you do, you’ll receive 4 chicken nuggets, 8 french fries, and a Sweet and Sour sauce dipping cup (yes, that’s soap too – just pop out of the plastic container and enjoy!) But it doesn’t end there, though because it’s not a fun kids meal until there’s a toy there, too. Included is a brand new, packaged toy (styles will vary – the toys may contain small parts, so we recommend these for children 3 and up). Upon checkout,mention if you’d like a toy for a boy or a girl (if no preference is mentioned, you’ll receive a neutral toy). It is all packaged in a decorative food-style bag. A great gift and party favor idea!

SweetSoap Chicken Nuggets Fast Food Kids Meal Soap Set [@] ajsweetsoap

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