Coleco Made the Arcade Games you could take home with you

Portable Coleco Arcade Games were the thing of dreams when I was growing up. Their portable version of Pac-Man was a favorite of mine bakc then. The problem was, I never owned one. Luckily for me, my cousin did and boy did I lock onto it whenever I was at his house. Sadly, the thing burned through batteries. So I know my constant need to play it was a real hassle since batteries aren’t cheap, but to my cousin’s credit, he never complained.

I would like to say that I curtailed my time on the game or that I saved up my money and brought some batteries with me when I went. I didn’t. The thing is, I could hardly keep batteries going back home and my Pac-Man mania REFUSED to be contained.

In the late 1980s on a visit, we found Pac-Man at the back of his closet. Sadly the batteries had not been taken out and they had gone bad and corroded the insides of the game. My Uncle tried to clean it up, but something had gone horribly wrong with it. I am always sad when such a wonderful toy dies an ignoble death and I still think about it nowadays. At least I still have great memories and ads like this to remind me of the good times that these Coleco Arcade Games gave me.

If you don’t think this print ad is a compelling reason to buy one of these digital wonders, you should see the commercial.

Watch the Portable Coleco Arcade Games Commercials

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  1. Amelyn

    I have the Ms. Pac-Man one, on top of the dresser by my TV.

  2. Drahken

    I had the donkey kong one back in the day. It was really cool, but the volume was way too loud & it burned through batteries (which was actually a bonus where the sound was concerned, I would intentionally run it on low batteries in order to reduce the volume).
    Madrigal has the donkey kong & dk jr ones available as simulators. Playing them on the comp isn’t as good as having a real one in hand, but it’s close enough to bring back the nostalgia:

  3. dex1138

    I had the Frogger one and while I liked it, I felt like I got the stepchild of the group.

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