Columbus the Mini-series. Presented by IBM?

Mini-series TV was a big deal in my family’s house when I was growing up. So when they announced Columbus in the mid-eighties I was very excited. I knew we would be watching it and this subject matter really interested me (unlike some other more “romantic” series). After all this was the exciting age of discovery. Wooden ships setting out towards the edge of the known world with little to guide them. This is not at all what this turned out to be of course.

Instead, if I remember right, they really liked dealing with Columbus’ relationships (and romances) and to a kid who wanted to just see big boats and cannons it really dragged on.

I thought I would throw it on in the background after finding it online and maybe it is the yearning for spectacle (or just for the past), but it is actually better than I remember. Still not great, but pretty enjoyable to watch considering this was on network TV.

The entire mini-series has been posted online for your enjoyment and I dug up that ad you see above which game me a nice surprise. It was sponsored by IBM!

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  1. James

    This looks interesting. I feel Gabriel Byrne will pull this off, he has some pretty good acting skills

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