Commemorative 1st Landing Space Shuttle Pepsi Can

In honor of the landing of the last Space Shuttle (moment of silence), prolific Retroist Image Pool member, Neato Coolville, has posted images of the commemorative can that Pepsi put out to honor the 1st Space Shuttle Landing. As you can see, the Space Shuttle Pepsi Can is pretty spectacular.

My family was a Coca-Cola family, but when special cans appeared, I was all over them. I remember this can from when I was a kid for two things. The graphic of course, but also the words at the bottom. Edwards A.F.B. CA Spring 1981 I am not sure why, but I would fixate on those words.

Another thing I probably find endearing about this can is how it reminds me of when the Cola Wars went into space. Back in the early eighties, Coke was working on a can that astronauts could use in space. Pepsi heard about this development and made their own can. From what I remember, neither of the cans were very received by astronauts aboard STS 51-F mission. NASA concluded that carbonated beverages might not be worthwhile to haul into space. The Smithsonian has wonderful photos of the Pepsi can. It is an impressive apparatus and pretty different than the Coke can they sent up.

I cannot find footage of the cans in action, but did find this wonderful Space Shuttle themed Pepsi commercial from the era. Sadly it does not feature the Space Shuttle Pepsi Can.

Warch this Space Shuttle themed Pepsi Commercial

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  1. …hmmm….did you ever make any sculptures of Edwards AFB out of mashed potatoes? Maybe you are an alien; yearning for a contact, nay an encounter with Earth astronauts.

  2. …the impossible dream, Retroist?

    Thanks to Neato Coolville for this awesome pic!

  3. I have two of these cans myself. Do you have any idea what they are worth today? Mine are empty because the airforce wouldn’t let us travel with them full when we moved.

    I saw the shuttle land for the first time from my front yard. Lived at Edwards Airforce base for two years. It was an amazing site to see.

  4. I have friend that wants to sell his collection of these Commemorative cans. Very interesting item indeed.

  5. I also was stationed at E.A.F.B. from 1978 to 1982 and saw all of the landings there. I also have a few of the cans. Has anyone determined a value for them?

    Any info would be appriciated.


  6. I still have about 40 of them unopened but the heat here in Vegas caused small ruptures (little holes) in them…… they still look really cool though.

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