This Commercial from the Late Eighties makes Eggs look Radical

I have always thought eggs were pretty cool, but when people started getting concerned about cholesterol, eggs were listed as a “sometimes food”. The Egg Industry did not quietly accept this judgement and fired back with ads and commercials touting the awesomeness of eggs. While they were not as successful as the Milk Councils work, they created some memorable works that still linger in the minds of people who witnessed them first hand.

In this commercial from the late eighties, we see an attempt to make eggs not just cool, but “radical”, with images of skateboarders and the colorful clothing of the later part of that legendary decade.

As a fan of eggs, I was with them right up until they told me I should pair them with vegetables. That feels like a cop-out. As a kid (adult who still eats like a kid), I shouldn’t be force to pair something delicious with a vegetable in the hopes that one item will overcome the “detrimental” effects of the delicious egg. I think is this actually worked, we would see a lot more commercials telling me to pair all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Kale (two tastes that DON’T go great together).

While I am not sure this commercial convinced me that eggs were a healthy addition to afternoon routine (the press against them was strong at the time). It did remind me of something very important, “Egg buddies are forever!”