Computer Jewelry from 1982

A few months ago I went to a vintage computer fair and had a blast. One of the things that I found unexpectedly enjoyable was a jewelry making station. There you took pieces from old computers and electronics and fashioned them into jewelry. I am not much of a jewelry wearer, but I enjoyed the making process and put together what I think are a pretty good pair of earrings and a bracelet.

While doing this I remembered my sisters using old wires my father brought home from the computers at the phone company to make necklaces and jewelry in the early 1980s. People have probably been turning common electronic components into attractive accessories since the first electronic wire was discarded.

At some point though, people also started turning valuable metals like gold and silver into charms and jewelry related to computers. I remember seeing them advertised in catalog and in ads like this which you would find in the back of old magazines.

I am not sure how many they sold, but I would like to think that even 30+ years ago, geek pride existed and that many people rocked this stuff proudly around their necks.

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