Cotton Candy for Easter?

Cotton Candy for Easter?

Nothing says Easter like Cotton Candy right? I didn’t make the connection right away, but the Peter Cottontail thing, which is pretty well illustrated on the bag, learned me good. This bag promises a veritable smorgasbord of color and flavor, so let’s dig in shall we?

I bought this cotton candy for the package and to use as a background for the peep pictures.

Now on the package, you see a bunch of colors, but that’s a lie, it only has three colors and only two of them are edible, but its almost impossible to eat the candy without getting a taste of all three.

I have never been able to tell if Cotton Candy has flavors. I often think the color makes it taste different only in my head. But Charms Cottons Candy definately has flavors and their yellow cotton candy tastes like lemon.

Charms must have those this was a clever idea. But its not.


Lemons = good.

Cotton candy = good.

Lemon cotton candy = madness.

They must make this stuff in the desert because as soon as I opened the bag, it started to absorb all the moisture in the room. In just a couple of hours, the cotton candy had shrunk and turned to concrete. I did take a picture of this mess. Which I will leave you with to enjoy as I go clean it up.

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  1. Justin M. Salvato

    Wow, didn’t know about this, but this makes sense! Next Easter, this is gonna be in the basket! I will have to put a note that says to eat as soon as the bag is opened.

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