Day 1 of the 2015 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show

Well I just spent many many hours at the opening day of the 2015 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show and I had a great time. I met Matt again this year, who continues his amazing work as a Game Medic (he brings his games) and played much arcade and pinball. A lot of these games I had never even played before and others I had not played in decades. It has some surprises like a working Mr. Do! and a shooting game I had never played before called, Crusader (which is MUST PLAY).

I tried to take a photo of everything I played, but I often got wrapped up in the game and forgot or saw another game, and like a kid in a candy store, ran over to play another game.

Here is my gallery of day one photos. I hope you enjoy them. More to come tomorrow.

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  1. Atari Adventure Square

    Oh man, that Show looks like an era’s worth of epic funtime.

    And what a cool gallery of pics.
    It’s like a vision of what my mind was like stepping into a new arcade.
    Every visible marquee smacked me for attention at once; the individual cabinet artwork struck my artistic senses like a walk in the Louvre; singled-out characters among these would suddenly come to life and pull a quarter from my hand.

    Of these games, Zoo Keeper was a top tenner, as the brash sound effects and swift animal caging action kept me enrapt for its session.

    All those fonts! That alone would sell me on a tryout.
    The Hustle font. I rest my case.

    That shoulda been a thing.
    Why isn’t it a thing?

    And also, just gotta get me a Joust tabletop:
    “Here sit down, how are you, here’s your coffee”
    “Uh thanks. Should I really put this h…”
    “Oh look! The game just started by itself! Oh well, no use wasting quarters, let’s play”
    “But you didn’t put in any quar…”
    “Let’s. Play.”

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