Decap Attack the Video Game

In this wonderfully bizarre halloween themed game for the Sega Genesis, you play the part of Chuck D. Head. You are a headless mummy who goes around attacking things with your stomach-face, you can also pick up a powerup in the form of a skull which sits atop your headless shoulders, and launches at enemies when you attack with your stomach-face. The backdrop of this game has a nice spooky feel throughout, although most of the enemies are just weird.

This is an odd port of a game based on the Magical Hat anime. They apparently had problems getting the license for a western release due to the anime tie-in, so they redesigned the graphics. Why they chose this particular redesign will forever remain a mystery (but one which we should all be thankful for, this game is a real hoot).

I first played this game via the Sega Channel, then later via emulation.

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  1. mwentworth

    As many here might know, my handle on AtariAge and some other web places is Chuck D. Head and it follows that this is one of my favorite games. The music and sounds are just fantastic and the platforming action is unique. I was a devoted Nintendo fan in 1992 and when I played Sonic, Toe Jam and Earl and this game on a friends Genesis, I was totally sold. Give it a try any way you can!!

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