Did Bugs Bunny help the Trix Rabbit finally get some Trix?

Did Bugs Bunny help the Trix Rabbit finally get some Trix?

In the mid-eighties, Bugs bunny came to the rescue of the Trix rabbit and gave him some much-needed advice on how to finally get those delicious fruity Trix. His solution? Trade on Bugs’ celebrity. What’s weird is how easily it works and it makes me wonder.

Are these kids torturing this poor particular rabbit on purpose? Is it open season for any other bunny to get a bowl? This commercial only offers tantalizing glimpses into the complicated politics of cereals and rabbits.

If you are wondering if he ever gets a bowl? The answer is an unsurprising “no.” The kids are suitably impressed with the Trix Rabbit’s disguise and believe he is Bugs Bunny. They then ask him to autograph their box of Trix. At this point, everything gets familiar to Trix fans.

That silly rabbit starts to talk about all those delicious flavors and loses his cool and his disguise. In the end, we cut back to Bug Bunny watching the Trix commercial and seeing his new friend fail, he says he would have preferred a happy ending.

Here is the follow-up commercial.

What is not clear from the commercial? Did the kids plan to share their Trix when they thought the Trix Rabbit was Bugs Bunny? They asked him to autograph the box but didn’t offer him any. I guess this is a mystery that will never be solved.

I feel like having Bugs Bunny involved in these commercials might have meant a little bit more. Perhaps wit Bugs’ help we might have seen the Trix Rabbit win for a change? Instead it is a just a fun cameo in your standard Trix commercial.

Russell Horton provided the voice of the Trix Rabbit and Bugs Bunny’s voice is the legendary Mel Blanc.

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