Did you ever get your McGruff the Crime Dog Mask

In the 1980s McGruff the Crime Dog was a force to be reckoned with. He made appearances in countless PSAs and if you were in school during this period you were probably show videos featuring this tough talking dog or if you were very lucky had McGruff make an appearance. Sadly he never made an in-person appearance in my schools, but I was a big fan. Big enough that when this PSA hit the airwaves toward the later part of the decade, I sent away for the mask. Then I waited. Sadly it never arrived and I eventually ran out of enthusiasm for the mask (even though I loved running home to check the mail for free stuff). I can only assume that my mask was stolen in an ironic twist and that some mail thief’s kid received it and wore it around the house mockingly.

Although perhaps I was just late to the game and was a victim of the fine print, which naturally I did not see until over 25 years later… “Quantities May Be Limited”

Oh well. Reading up on McGruff a little I got a real kick out of some of the top names that were submitted when they had a “name this character” contest.

The most common entry was “Sherlock Bones.” Other entries included “J. Edgar Dog,” “Sarg-dog,” and “Keystone cop Dog.” The winner, McGruff the Crime Dog, was submitted by a New Orleans police officer. Officer McGruff’s full name is Fred McGruff. In some of McGruff’s advertisements, he appears with his nephew Scruff McGruff.

While I really like the name McGruff, “Sherlock Bones” is probably the greatest name I have ever heard and will most likely be the name of whatever dog/child I get in the future.

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