Disney’s The Black Hole Target Practice Scene

Disney’s The Black Hole Target Practice Scene

I loved Disney’s The Black Hole when I was a kid. In particular, I always had a soft spot for B.O.B, voiced by Slim Pickens, and V.I.N.CENT voiced by Roddy McDowall.

Both of these little guys had a great design that really captured their personalities. What kid who liked the film didn’t want a B.O.B or V.I.N.CENT toy after seeing this film?

Both bots have opportunities to shine in the film in multiple scenes that range from displays the pathetic to epicly heroic. One of my personal favorite scenes is “target practice.”

It is a great showcase for both B.O.B and V.I.N.CENT where we learn not only about the pride robots in this universe take in their model type, but also some info about the mistreatment B.O.B has been forced to endure.

Then V.I.N.CENT steps up to uphold their honor against S.T.A.R (Special Troops/Arms Regiment) who was played by Tom McLoughlin.

You see S.T.A.R was the prototype and captain of the Sentry Robots and was originally the favorite for Dr. Reinhardt until Maximillian came along.

Now he is one angry robot and wants to continue to take it out on ol’ B.O.B. But not if V.I.N.CENT has something to say about it.

Watch the scene to see how it turns out.

He put that smug trick shooting robot, S.T.A.R, in his place. That place being the junk heap!

I love it when the S.T.A.R “spins” his guns. He is actually just shaking his hands rapidly. It is so wonderfully silly.

We’ll never be obsolete. Carry on the tradition. We’re the best.

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